More Impressionistic Than . . .

When time flies faster
than your thoughts,
while your liberated meditation
dives headfirst like a duck
into the deep seas of your dreams,
can your flowers
titillated as young lovers in bloom,
paint themselves
with their own palette of colors?

Miss Bougainvillea’s sketch
of her handsome beloved,
sporting a mustache and a cool goatee
with eyebrows tweezed to perfection,
cast a jazzy fragrance
of cognitive mystery in the air
even as you
view the seemingly unseen
under the cozy sun?

Stare at a photograph
revealing a sublime image,
more impressionistic
than the flowers
painted by Claude Monet
at the garden at Giverny.

Well? But, who ever saw
a flower painting another flower,
with a handsome, human face
accentuating the mystical unknown?

If the proof of believing is seeing,
then don’t these questions of yours
reveal that you’re boiling
with mad feeling.

Then go break that vicious spell!
Get it off your mind!
sensory fascination
as you notice
the unnoticed splendors of vision,
kissed by the twilight.

Take a deep breath.
Believe your sight.
Mirror like a kaleidoscope
the magical patterns of your garden,
reflecting new hope with a flowery face,
that echoes eternity!
So, lets sing together
an awesome Alleluia!

Poems and Photos from


by Issachar Miron

© Copyright 2006 Issachar Miron. All Rights Reserved.

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